Our 200,000th Visitor!
Last April we welcomed our 100,000th visitor. It took us nearly two years to do it. Then from late April to early November, we added 100,000 more! During the off season! It's been incredible and we can’t thank all of you enough. We honestly never expected anything like this and owe it all to you because it’s all been through your word of mouth! Thanks Long Island! Sincerely, Ted Thomas/Editor

We first published LongIslandBasketball.com way back in November of 2005 as a guide to finding good basketball camps and a place where travel teams could post tryouts, but the visitor count we have proudly displayed at the top of the website over the years is as of November of 2012. Why? When we were revamping the website back in 2012, I inadvertently deleted our readership numbers going all the way back to 2005, and after relentlessly trying, could not recover them. As painful as that was, we had no choice but to move on and do the only thing we could do - start off back at number 1. Since that day, we have added almost 4 million more visitors, a number to be proud of for sure, but unfortunately missing seven years worth of data during a period of rapid growth. That all changed today when I was doing my research for a “15 Years Ago On LongIslandBasketball.com” article. There, right in the middle of a front page from January of 2007, was a headline announcing that we had welcomed our 200,000th visitor to the site! I can’t tell you how exciting that was, because I wasn’t sure when the readership numbers began to take off, so I couldn’t even begin to estimate what our actual all time number was. With that number, I now can, and can say with confidence that our actual all-time visitor count is now in excess of 5 million readers! We’ve weathered several storms over the years - numerous competitors that have all fallen by the wayside, my head on high speed collision with a drunk driver on Northern State Parkway coming home from Hofstra Team Camp, and now COVID, which caused our readership numbers to plummet. Yet, here we are, still going strong after racking up a record 2021-22 season and bearing down on 6 million visitors! To quote from that 2007 article again, “ I honestly never expected anything like this and owe it all to you because it’s all been through your word of mouth.” So please keep stopping by, sending us your scores, your news, your announcements, your emails, your corrections to our mistakes! And please, keep sending us your ideas for making the site better. 
We’ve used a lot of them!